Thursday, March 9, 2017

The Personal Touch is Very Important When Treating Periodontal Patients

I have a three-tier customer service process in our periodontal office: recognition, personal conversation, and little acts of kindness.

I have a philosophy that there are different stages of patient contact.  The first is recognition.  I think it is very important that we know people’s name as soon as possible and when they come in the door.  We can do the equivalent of saying “Hey, Norm” when he walks into the Cheers’ bar.  The recognition is important, because it sets the tone for a personal touch.

The second level is to recognize them as a person, to be able to ask something like:

“How is your dog?”
“I knew your husband was in the hospital the last time we saw you.  How’s he doing now?” 
“How was your vacation?”

We want patients to know that we really do remember them as individual people.

The third level that I think is the most fun and exciting is to make sure they know that they are special; to let them know that they are not only somebody that we know and recognize but they are somebody that we value.  We can do that in a wide variety of ways, the basic one is to listen to them and see if there is anything that they would like or need that we can fulfill for them. 

As an example, we have a patient that travels a long way to get here and he has a bad back.  He was talking about that one time he was here, and we went out a got one of those little back braces that you put behind your seat to make you more comfortable for his ride home.

Our goal is just to be able to listen and be able to treat the patient not only as somebody who has dental needs but as an individual who is welcome and someone whom we value highly.

John, Patient Care Coordinator
Metropolitan Periodontists
Minneapolis, MN

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